About Us
E-İhracat Turkiye was founded in 2018 in İstanbul to remove the borders of global trade.
Every day, with our young and dynamic team, we produce solutions for dozens of brands and manufacturers in Turkey.

With our expert and experienced management team, we all helpKOBIs and companies with E-Export potential to do e-export in the most efficient way in electronic environment.

We believe.

We are developing while keeping up with the ever-changing technology, and we are following the developments of this sector in accordance with the world standards.

We believe that with our support and developing technology, it is now much easier for companies to go into e-export.We aim to open your brand to new markets with the right strategies and increase your share in exports.

We Plan.

As a result of our analysis, by adding the tools we use to our expertise, we reach the data that is strategically important for the marketplaces and enable you to navigate easily with your brand and products.

Before entering the market, we plan your investment and profitability plans monthly and annually. While minimizing your risks in the market, we see our future and support you in your planned progress.

Together with our online marketing team, we contribute to your brand awareness while maximizing your sales by planning on online channels and delivering your products to the right target audience.

Our Mission.

To explain the ease and accessibility of businessjoining to the foreign markets through E-Export to the whole of Turkey and to contribute to the growth of Turkey’s exports.